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guide to the best ACT Prep Books & Guides available for students in 2022

The ACT Exam was once believed a stepping stone to the SAT Exam as a college prep Test, but in these current years, the ACT Exam has exceeded the SAT Exam in terms of the number of students who apply for it and is favored by most of the students. If you want to get into a good college then you will need to take the ACT Exam, and as with any college prep test, there are many books on the market that claim to prepare you for the exam. Check out our special guide to the best ACT prep books 2022 to help you prepare for the exam and score well this year.

Best ACT Prep Books Summary

The following books are the best ACT prep books present in the market –

  • Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus
  • The Official ACT Prep Guide
  • ACT Prep Black Book
  • Barron’s ACT
  • Princeton Review ACT Premium Prep


If you’re looking for the most thorough guide, Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus is the best choice. It’s one of the longest prep books on the market and gives extraordinarily in-depth explanations for each answer. It offers both in-book and online practice tests with access to video lessons and an expert approach to help you tackle all features of the exam.

The Smart Points feature in Kaplan’s ACT prep plus helps you to find out which questions are asked most often and which topics are generally appraised to be most prominent.

Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus contains a load of instructions & data, and if there is a flaw, it’s that it can take remarkable time to solve all of it.


The Official ACT Prep Guide offers a total of five different full-length practice exams that provides a broad level of practice tests and preparation instructions for almost any student.

It needs about 4 hours to review & solve each of these practice tests, which means the book offers up to a full 20 hours of in-depth prep time.

Each practice test question in the book includes both the answers and the explanations behind those answers so you can learn what mistakes you made & why you missed the ones you did.

Apart from the 5 lengthy tests given in the book, The Official ACT prep guide also provides access to online materials that offer 400 extra practice questions.

If you’re in search of the materials & practice tests that offer the closest examples to the test itself, then you should go for the Official ACT Prep guide, it’s hard to beat the official source.


If the official guide is purely focused on practice exams, this book is just as focused on the effective strategies you need to solve the questions.

ACT Prep Black Book helps you to figure out any timing issues or weak points you might have in your test-taking strategies and focuses on the actual-effective process to answer questions.

It also talks about the strategies for handling math questions with multiple-choice answers and provides very thorough explanations for all the answers. While ACT Prep Black Book is very useful for test-taking strategies but it does lack some basic content. It may be an exceptional companion book to The Official ACT Prep Guide.


As an affordable ACT prep book, Barron’s ACT offers a very finest experience in ACT prep. Of all the books mentioned above on our list, Barron’s ACT and the Official ACT Prep Guide may have the most questions that are close to those questions that you’ll run into in the ACT Exam.

Barron’s ACT gives you a summary and an introduction of the Exam itself, followed by a study plan and strategy for the exam. Following that, it offers a test to calculate your present level of knowledge.

This practice test consists of about 50 pages per section and covers all of the major topics. Each section gives both practice exam questions & conceptual questions with effective test-taking strategies, and skill reviews.

It offers data analysis and research summaries for the science section and explains several math concepts from algebra to geometry and many more.


Princeton Review ACT Premium Prep is a very conventional ACT prep book that consists of 8 practice tests and a complete review of techniques, concepts, and practice questions.

It covers the major topics in math and grammar that are needed to answer questions, while also helping you learn all the effective test-taking strategies using the process of removal and the correct sequence to answer the questions.

If there are any flaws in this book, it will be the exceptionally in-depth math and science sections, the English and reading sections are not that up to the mark.

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