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Did you know that preparing for the SAT or ACT can be done collaboratively? Students can learn the most significant exam components in a group setting with the assistance and advice of an expert teacher in SAT/ACT programs. Unfortunately, not all classes are of good quality, so students must choose carefully before enrolling in one.

A prep session is usually a good option for struggling students who want to create their own study schedule and learn better when an expert teacher explains challenging topics and concepts to them. For students who like to follow the normal curriculum and have an instructor explain difficult ideas and answer questions concerning the test, SAT/ACT classes can be quite beneficial.

The six main criteria that make for a superb SAT/ACT prep class will be discussed in this article.


One of the most significant characteristics of an excellent SAT/ACT prep class, as opposed to massive school classrooms, is how small it is. With fewer pupils in a class, the teacher can provide each student with more individual attention and guidance. All students will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one assistance from the teacher with any concepts or tactics they are having difficulty with, as well as any questions they may have concerning the exam as a whole.

Furthermore, a smaller class size allows students to spend more time discussing ideas as a group.


Only competent teachers at the exam they’re teaching (or the specific section of the exam they’re teaching) teach the finest prep classes. Students should seek out classes in which the teachers have assisted students in achieving the 99th percentile on the ACT and/or ACT. They should also (preferably) have a lot of tutoring and/or teaching experience.


A competent ACT or SAT prep class will also provide high-quality study materials and homework assignments for students to complete in between classes. These homework assignments should be based on the class curriculum and allow students to put what they’ve learned in class into practice while also preparing them for what they’ll study in the following session. Students will stay sharp and focus on the new skills being taught in class if they do it this way. The greatest SAT/ACT homework assignments and study tools are highly realistic, with questions that are identical to those found on the exams. Good schools also tailor homework to hone their major flaws or the content areas and essential methods they struggle with the most.


A great prep class tailors the curriculum to the needs of its pupils, allowing students to focus on fixing their major flaws. This necessitates a smaller class size, which allows the teacher to get to know the students and learn where they shine and where they struggle on the test.


The majority of high-quality prep classes and programs will guarantee results for pupils who enroll in them. These outcomes are usually promised SAT/ACT point increases and/or score levels. Guaranteed results are vital to look for while selecting a class because they indicate that the class is appropriate for a variety of individuals. Basically, whether students struggle with arithmetic or vocabulary, an SAT/ACT prep session with a score guarantee will teach them how to strengthen their weak areas so that they may receive the score they want on test day.


The final indicator of a good ACT or SAT prep course is whether it has received excellent feedback from previous students. These reviews have the ability to (and should) reveal a few key things. We recommend that you read the testimonials for any prep class you’re thinking about taking. Normally, these can be found on the website. Here are some of our online SAT/ACT testimonials as an example.

Students should then do some background research on the class by searching up its (or the prep company’s) Google rating and reading what prior students have said about it.

It’s usually a good idea for students to try to contact anyone who has taken an ACT or SAT prep class and ask whether they think the class was worthwhile.

These are merely suggestions for what constitutes an excellent SAT/ACT prep course. In the end, students must examine how they learn best, the type of class size they desire, and their budget in order to discover the best.

After that, the student is ready to enroll in a test prep class and achieve the desired score! We hope that this information assists students in narrowing down their SAT/ACT prep options. If you require any additional support, please contact us by completing the student aid form.

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