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What is SAT?

Each year millions of students take the SAT reasoning test to gain into the colleges of their choice. The SAT is a standardized test designed to measure your critical thinking skills and assess your ability to apply knowledge when solving problems on your SAT. The score will be evaluated along with your high school grade point average, involvement in school and extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and college application essay. While the SAT is just one factor that is examined during the admissions process, you must maximize your SAT score so that you can remain competitive among the many other applicants. The SAT measures a predictable set of skills and some specific knowledge. It is “trainable,” meaning that you can do better on your SAT if you put the time into learning the knowledge and perfecting the skills that are tested. SAT online tutoring is the best way to prepare for SAT Exam. Online preparation helps you to save time. Online classes can be attended within the comfort of your home. Online preparation for SAT can be available for students as per their schedule and requirements. Online SAT tutoring, Platforms can happen anywhere and anytime. Mittal Learning Stars is the best Online tutoring Platform to prepare for SAT Exam.

Why Mittal Learning Stars is best?

Mittal Learning Stars is best for SAT online Tutoring. If your goal is to successfully cross the hurdle of the SAT exam and get into a well-known university, your best option might be with a 1-on-1 private tutoring program. For those students who are in search of an edge, private tutors can help you get quick and easy test score gains and help you find your weak points and work on them. But where do you start in your search for one? Our team Mittal Learning Stars has thoroughly estimated all the big & effective SAT tutoring companies available and their services, which include price per hour, quality of instructors, score gains guarantee, and if any other study materials come bundled with the tutoring then how to claim it.

What is the structure of SAT EXAM?

ComponentTime Allotted (minutes)Number of Questions/Tasks
Writing and Language3544

What is PSAT?

The PSAT is a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT. It is also used to qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) scholarship programs. The full name of the test is the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). The PSAT is administered by high school officials in October each year. Students typically take the PSAT during either their sophomore or junior years, but only the scores that you achieve during your junior year are used for scholarship qualifying purposes. Mittal Learning Stars is the best Online tutoring Platform to prepare for PSAT Exam also.

How Mittal Learning Stars is best for SAT?

Mittal Learning Stars offers Customized, one-on-one preparation with one of our expert tutors. In addition to watching online video lesions and  attempting practice questions online, you and our expert tutor will build a plan with achievable goals and then work together to achieve them successfully.

You’ll be instructed on each step by our tutor who is expressly paired to your needs. Our program does allow you access to full-length practice tests as well as more than 2,000 practice questions.

We will also provide you with the score feedback reports to let you know the exact mistakes you made and what was the reason behind them so that you can focus on your weak points to achieve the best possible score.

What is the structure of PSAT Exam?

ComponentTime Allotted (minutes)Number of Questions/Tasks
Writing and Language3544

Difference Between the PSAT and the SAT

Following are the major difference between the PSAT and the SAT:

1. The SAT includes an Essay section, whereas the PSAT does not.

2. The SAT quantitative questions test third-year math concepts, whereas the PSAT quantitative questions do not. 

3. The SAT includes 170 total questions, whereas the PSAT includes 125 total questions. 

Scoring the SAT

The SAT exam does not have any negative marking and while the SAT Reasoning Test is scored on a total of 1600 points the SAT subject Test score on a total of 800 points. Scores from each of the three sections of the SAT—Critical Reading, Writing, and Math—are reported on a scale from 200 to 800, with additional subscores reported for the essay. The multiple-choice writing questions also receive a subscore that is measured on a 20-to-80 scale.

Why the ACT?

The aim of the ACT is to test what you have learned in high school. so if you have taken challenging courses in high school, you have already set the foundation to do well on the ACT. Your score on the ACT is used in conjunction with other factors including grades, application essays, and extracurricular activities to help colleges decide on whom to admit. Different schools give different weights to the importance of ACT scores, but a high score can only help you get into the college of your choice. The ACT consists of four multiple-choice tests—in English, mathematics, reading, and science—with an optional writing test. 

Who takes the ACT?

If you are planning on attending college, chances are you are going to have to take either the SAT the ACT in order to even apply to almost any school. Historically, the ACT has been more popular with schools in the Midwest and West. The popularity of the ACT all over the country has been growing, in part because it is seen as fairer than the SAT in testing students’ knowledge. Today, nearly every college accepts ACT scores and many educators and students alike prefer the ACT because its content more closely matches what is actually taught in school. 

When to start the ACT

It is never too early to start preparing for the ACT. In fact, choosing which courses to take in school should be your very first test-prep step. Taking a demanding course load is the best way to begin to prepare. And remember that colleges take into account the courses you choose, too, regardless of your ACT score.
The first step in preparing for the ACT is to decide on the date you want to take the test. Your application must be postmarked by the registration deadline, and the cost for normal registration without writing is $49.50  while the fee with the writing section is $58.50, for international students, the fee is $51

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The SAT includes a Science section while SAT does not.

SAT allows more time per question for every section of the test, whereas the ACT requires you to move faster through the questions.

The ACT tests limited vocabulary. 

The ACT tests trigonometry, English grammar, and science reasoning. 

What is the structure of ACT Exam?

ComponentTime Allotted (minutes)Number of Questions/Tasks

Writing(optional)  1 eassy  40 minutes


Common Core | IB

• Middle School
• High School
• University


• ACT Science
• AP Physics


• Electrical Engineering
• Computer  Engineering
• Electronics Engineering

Common Core | IB

• Middle School
• High School
• University


• ACT Science
• AP Biology

Basic Coding

• Scratch
• Python for kids


• Python
• Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms

Common Core | IB

• Middle School
• High School
• University


• ACT Science
• AP Chemistry

Common Core | IB

• Elementary Math
• Pre Algebra
• Middle School Math
• Algebra 1
• Math Models
• Geometry
• Precalculus/Trig
• AP calculus AB/BC
• Calculus 2
• Calculus 3
• Statistics


• AP

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